Information, Education, and Communication

Information, education and communication material for IDUs may be defined as materials developed with a specific focus on providing explicit information.
They should be written in clear and simple language and may focus on:
- The risks of sharing injecting equipment
- Health issues
- Safer sex
- Safer drug using
- Taking better care of oneself.

Information, education and communication can be in the form of pamphlets, posters, handouts, charts, billboards, graffiti and other media. These materials are distributed among drug users and put up as posters at drop-in centres and other places where IDUs are likely to congregate.

Information, education, and communication materials are most effective when they:
- are developed by drug users for drug users
- use the language of the setting
- are simple to read and understand
- are widely disseminated and available.

In essence, they enhance the ability of IDUs to care for themselves.

Source: WHO

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