Regional Consultation Meeting to scale up Harm Reduction Services with lessons from the COVID19 pandemic in the Middle East and North Africa Region.


On 26, 27 & 28 October, MENAHRA conducted a Regional Consultation Meeting to scale up harm reduction services with lessons from COVID19 pandemic in the Middle East and North Africa. The consultation focused Sharing experiences and lessons learned from the COVID19 pandemic; Capacity building sessions about virtual engagement; Recommendations for virtual and physical engagement; Creation of platform for up-scaling harm reduction services and developing a roadmap for up-scaling harm reduction services


Around 80 participants attended the meeting, representing national, regional and international organizations including community led organizations and private sector stakeholders and UN organizations, who are interested in the field of drug use and harm reduction. As well as community representatives, religious leaders, regional expert group of law enforcement, activists, associations, academics and research institutions, networks and individuals involved in harm reduction within the MENA Region.

Speakers, facilitators and moderators were representative from Civil Society Organizations; Frontline Aids; Global Fund; MENAHRA board members, team and consultants; MENANPUD; Ministries; UNAIDS; UNODC and WHO.

The meeting agenda was comprehensive and tackled the essential elements and updates about harm reduction and COVID19 lessons including regional overview, COVID19 & the impact on drug use and harm reduction in MENA, report of assessment and EPPs, integration of harm reduction in national aids plan, CSOs perspectives, legal context and human rights, Updates from UNODC, advocacy brief and priorities, resources mobilization and updates prisons.

The final sessions of the meeting focused on group works to conduct SWOT analysis on National and regional levels, and on drafting roadmaps to scale up harm reduction in the MENA region.

Recommendations from this meeting will be organized and used to guide upcoming decisions making and resources mobilization.


To access the recorded meeting, use this link.



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