Nadia Badran

Nadia BadranSince 1994, Nadia Badran has been the coordinator of the Youth and HIV/AIDS programmes at Soins Infirmiers et Développement Communautaire (SIDC). In 2000, she began coordinating the Outreach Programme addressing key populations.
 Ms. Badran has a License in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in socio-educative counselling. She specialises in the HIV/AIDS field of work.
Throughout her years in the field of public health, she has been conducting and facilitating training workshops both at the local and regional levels, addressing youth, parents, healthcare providers and the general public on various health topics: HIV/AIDs/STIs, drug use and abuse, harm reduction, reproductive health, and general life skills among others. She has also developed educational material and training manuals related to different healthcare topics. Ms. Badran has also become an established and credible reference in the field of HIV/AIDS/STIs and reproductive health issues in Lebanon.
In 2010, Ms. Badran became the coordinator of the SIDC projects, and was also appointed the post of SIDC Knowledge Hub Manager in October 2012.

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