About ArRazi

The Knowledge Hub Arrazi in Rabat is the sub-regional knowledge hub for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. It is hosted by the National Centre for Prevention and Addiction Research at the Arrazi Hospital, its main task is the implementation of interventions in the sub-region through the capacity building and networking of different figures in the field of HIV/AIDS and injection drug use.

To this end, the KH-Arrazi undertakes various activities, namely:
- Preparation and dissemination of courses, trainings and workshops in the field of harm reduction and the fight against HIV/AIDS
- The development of materials specific to the region
- The promotion and advocacy of the implementation of harm reduction actions and programmes
- Collection and dissemination of information on regional and international actions and development in the field of harm reduction

Since its establishment in 2007 along with MENAHRA project, KH-Arrazi aims at strengthening the capacity of civil society to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate services for prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users in the sub-region. To achieve this goal, KH-Arrazi has done several activities:
- Organisation of 14 workshops and trainings benefiting 256 participants
- Development and provision of IEC material on the topics of addiction, drug use, and HIV/AIDS
- Follow up on the implementation of four projects to benefit four entities in the sub-region (2009: ATL, 2010-2011: MANARA-ATIOS-Aniss)

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