With MENAHRA’s support the Organization ATIOST launched in Tunis its harm reduction program since April 2011 and several activities have been carried out despite the social difficulties experienced by the country:

• The training of 10 peer educators for street work;
• Distribution and needle exchange program,
• A low centre for the reception, VCT HIV and support for IDUs (This activity was implemented with a support from GFATM who covered the salaries of Chems center team).

Decentralization of NSP:

In 2013, ATIOST implemented syringes distribution program in two border regions in the North West of Tunisia (Kef and Jendouba) with a new funding from MENAHRA.

• The program began with a training which was held on 2013 from 24 to 28 September, in Beni Mtir center of practicum and holiday, located in a green and beautiful mountain on Jendouba and 14 candidates were trained.

• Implementation of the out-reach work in Kef:

1. Awareness of IDUs,
2. Distribution of syringes (689in one month and a half);
3. Distribution of Alcohol wipes (666) and
4. Distribution of Condoms (704).

• On Jendouba street work has not yet started because of the difficulties and constraints encountered in the region by the peer educators and the project steering team.

In conclusion, we note that the phenomenon of drug use is increasing despite the repressive legislative approach in Tunisia.

The policy of harm reduction associated with injection drug use has become a national necessity mainly in areas where the prevalence of hepatitis C is high, such as Jendouba and Kef.