Success Story-Drug Users & Methadone Maintenance Therapy outcome


Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, consists of 7 million populations from original Kabuli and from different provinces and returnees from neighbor’s countries. Kabul is known as heroin transient smuggling way, consist of more than 1000,000 people countrywide who use drug and more than 20,000 injecting drug users, there is increment of drug users. While Mĕdecines Du Monde Started a comprehensive and module Harm Reduction Program in Kabul Afghanistan (2006), for many years detoxification was the only intervention available, some authorities were opposite for the Harm Reduction Program even, much still to MMT. As detoxification has 90% relapsed (WHO), MDM has been persisted on comprehensive Harm Reduction Program, that’s why MDM attempted to start a Pilot MMT program in Afghanistan-Kabul for people who use drug particularly for injectors to reduce Blood Born Diseases (HIV/AIDs and HCV) prevalence among them. Finally after much more attempts and struggling against Ministry of Counter Narcotic and DRC, MDM enabled to start Methadone Maintenance Therapy Practically in Kabul February 2010.


At first Rahim was one of the beneficiary of MDM harm reduction program services in Kabul, he had immigrated to Iran in 1978, was working with a company which hadn’t paid his salary, due to claiming for his salary, he was put imprisoned, then started using drug in the prison, deported to Kabul in 2001, he used heroin smoking and injecting for around 17 years, he had detoxed for 7 times in Kabul’s detoxification centers but relapsed.

He was the one in the first batch of methadone maintenance therapy on 22 Feb 2010, his first dose was 30mg/day, stable dose 110-125mg, he voluntarily withdrawal himself from MMT program on 22 Jan 2012, now he is drug free, just smoking cigarettes, sometime like to drink.

During MMT Rahim was working as a peer in this program, then promoted to social worker position and now working as a focal point for outreach team and as an activist for harm reduction program doing advocacy for MMT and PWUD rights, has attended many conferences of harm reduction and HIVAIDs in the world.

Prepared by: Ahmad Jamshid Azimy

Training and Resource Center Officer (TRC of-ficer)

MDM-Afghanistan Harm Reduction Program

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